Permanent Makeup

Before and AfterPermanent make-up, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is a way of inserting pigment into the skin’s dermal layer to provide a safe and artful alternative to traditional make-up, as well as to enhance features.

Permanent make-up is ideal for those On-the-go women who always need to look their best but cannot afford the time to apply make-up throughout the day. Or for those of you that are active in sports, Imagine getting out of the pool or after a hard work out and not having your make-up smear. Permanent make-up is great if your farsighted, allergic to regular cosmetics, prone to frequently tearing eyes, or just like to look good consistently.

Permanent make-up creates a fresh alive look anytime of day.

Advanced ColorWash™ Designer Eyeliner

ColorWash™ is an advanced technique for creating a more extreme accented color design in Permanent Makeup eyeliner.

Although it is not indicated for all eyeliner treatments, it is the most beautiful and unique design for that special client seeking a more artistic and creative eyeliner outcome.

Not all clients are candidates for this graduated color design.  Those with heavy lids or those prone to excessive swelling or bleeding may want to consider a more conservative basic eyeliner design.

The general concept is to graduate colors from the lash line up the lid from darkest to lighest to the smudged look.  The difference is that with ColorWash™ you are creating "layers" of like colors in a graduated fashion.

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